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Our Story

Since 2019

Talus Expedition Gear started through a text message conversation in 2019. Building on experience taking Suburbans up the mining roads around Ouray, Colorado, brothers Dan and Will Sunderland had the idea of developing a self-contained truck bed camper: the VenturePack. James Clark added his metal fabrication skills, honed during wanders from his native Scotland to North Sea oil rigs and around the world.

With decades of automotive expertise, Dan and James continue to helm the day to day operations, bringing our customers’ visions to reality. Now firmly established in our facility on South Century Way in Boise, Idaho, Talus Expedition Gear has grown into your southwest Idaho overlanding center, with the know-how and attention to detail to take your adventures to a new level.

Bearded man making food over a truck bed drawer-based stove

Our Philosophy

At the core of what Talus does is the belief that work is meant to facilitate living, not limit your life. As such, we are committed users of the products we sell, developing a deep understanding of what we sell. While other companies may offer more products or a one-click online shopping experience, Talus stands behind educating customers on the products to make sure customers walk away with the right products for the right adventure.

We believe in the touch and feel experience of a small business and encourage all customers, whether local to the Treasure Valley or local to the roads that criss-cross the world, to come in, share their stories, share their challenges, and enjoy the experience of living a better life. Problems with your equipment? Talus is about quality in the products we make and offer in our store. If something isn’t working right, we’ll work with you to find a solution by repairing the product or changing it for a better fit.

The Reason

Our Community

The people surrounding Talus Expedition Gear are a diverse crew with a single focus: enjoying the outdoors. We use every part of our vehicles: the back, top, and sides (in- and out-). With deep roots in camping trips equipped by army surplus gear, we at Talus know the experience of getting outdoors is the goal, whatever equipment you have. We’ve spent plenty of nights with rocks stabbing us in the back, stoves blown out by the wind, rain leaking through tent seams, and vehicles stuck in the mud with only a shovel and an ax to extricate them. That experience means we understand a splurge on nice equipment can be worth every penny. You want to go farther in this modern overlanding world. We’ll outfit you to get there.

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