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From rooftop tents to advanced suspension and lift kits, we have the parts, knowledge, and know-how to make sure your vehicle is properly outfitted for whatever the road holds.

Installation Specialists

Not Just Bolt On

In addition to our team’s extensive knowledge of bolt-on components, we have the experienced skills to integrate your current systems with any new modifications or accessories you need. From complex lighting systems to pre-fabricated bumpers, skid plates, and rooftop tents, we’ll follow our proven process to ensure your future on- and off-road trips are a success.

Looking for a specific part or modification? Reach out and we will get it ordered!

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Looking for ditch lights or a dual battery system? Solar systems or custom van wiring solutions? We have the tools, resources, and experience to safely install electrical components and systems.


Our product catalog includes a wide variety of popular overlanding and camping products. Our team can quickly and safely install your desired modifications and have you back on the road with time to spare. Have a specific product in mind? Let us know and we will order it just for you!


Ready to give your vehicle a smoother ride, longer travel, and better performance? We'll help you find the right option, get it ordered, and have our installation technicians install it for safe and seamless adventures.

The Talus Installation Process



Ready to install your new rooftop tent, bumper, or lighting system? Our team will listen to your goals then take our resources and knowledge to successfully install and integrate any overlanding or camping equipment with your current setup.



Our wide range of brands means we can offer a solution to nearly any problem. We’ll develop a plan, order parts, and make sure your build is executed as efficiently as possible.



Once the products arrive, our qualified technicians will install them. With our wide range of experience in vehicles and products, we’ll make sure they all work together so you’re not fighting your equipment at the campsite.

A Few of Our Favorite Projects

Our incredible clients are what keeps us going. From simple installations to complex, fully integrated overlanding solutions, our team loves helping you build capable, trail-ready vehicles.

Success, Together

Let Us Help You With Your Installation

Our expert team of installation specialists will take your need, order parts, get them installed and bring your dream to life.

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